Due to the large number of emails we receive from prospective students, interns, and postdocs, we may not be able to answer all inquiries. Please find some general information below.


Stanford students interested in computational imaging

The best way of getting involved in our group is to take the course “Computational Imaging and Display” (EE367/CS448I). We often have MSc and first-year PhD rotation students in the lab working on a research project for a quarter – if you are interested in that, let us know. We are interested in students with a background or strong interest in signal processing, optics, computer vision, human perception, electronics, sensors, and fabrication.


Prospective graduate students

We receive a lot of questions from prospective Stanford students; unfortunately, we cannot answer them nor do we admit students. If you are interested in pursuing a graduate-level degree at Stanford, please refer to the Electrical Engineering Graduate Admissions website.


Prospective interns from other institutions

We sometimes have visiting students from other institutions or summer interns in the lab. However, all visitors are senior PhD students with a strong publication record. Unless you have that record and we already know you or your supervisor well, it is unlikely that we will reply to any requests regarding possible internships.


Prospective postdocs

We are looking for enthusiastic postdocs who have extensive experience in computational imaging or related topics.