Multi-Camera Time-of-Flight Systems | SIGGRAPH 2016

Shikhar Shrestha*, Felix Heide*, Wolfgang Heidrich, Gordon Wetzstein

Computational imaging with multi-camera time-of-flight imaging systems.


Depth cameras are a ubiquitous technology used in a wide range of applications, including robotic and machine vision, human-computer interaction, autonomous vehicles as well as augmented and virtual reality. In this paper, we explore the design and applications of phased multi-camera time-of-flight (ToF) systems. We develop a reproducible hardware system that allows for the exposure times and waveforms of up to three cameras to be synchronized. Using this system, we analyze waveform interference between multiple light sources in ToF applications and propose simple solutions to this problem. Building on the concept of orthogonal frequency design, we demonstrate state-of-the-art results for instantaneous radial velocity capture via Doppler time-of-flight imaging and we explore new directions for optically probing global illumination, for example by de-scattering dynamic scenes and by non-line-of-sight motion detection via frequency gating.



Reproducible research

We are committed to making this hardware-oriented research project reproducible and computational time-of-flight imaging in general accessible to other research groups. To this end, we make the following software / hardware freely available:

  • system description, part list, connection diagrams (.zip)
  • microcontroller firmware and development environment (.zip)
  • C++ and MATLAB wrappers for camera control and acquisition (.zip)
  • printed circuit board schematics, layout, part list, etc. (coming soon)

If you find this information useful, please cite our papers: Heide et al. 2015 and Shrestha et al. 2016



S. Shrestha, F. Heide, W. Heidrich, G. Wetzstein. Computational Imaging with Multi-Camera Time-of-Flight Systems. ACM SIGGRAPH (Transactions on Graphics 34, 5), 2016.


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This work was generously supported by Texas Instruments, the National Science Foundation under grant IIS 1553333, by the NSF/Intel Partnership on Visual and Experiential Computing (NSF IIS 1539120), by the KAUST Office of Sponsored Research through the Visual Computing Center CCF grant, and by Intuitive Surgical.